5 Things Buyers Love that Sellers Leave Out

When you begin listing your home, you realize how many details there are to squeeze into a tiny paragraph. Between square footage, school districts, and pricing, you might forget to mention even YOUR favorite things about your home. On the other hand, you might consider certain features to be standard that others would consider a luxury! Here are just a few of the things you don’t want to leave out…

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You may forget that your “standard” appliances can be a huge selling point! If you have recently upgraded anything in your home, be sure you mention it to potential buyers. This is especially true of the kitchen and master bathroom, two of the most important rooms when selling a home.

Energy efficiency
If your home has solar panels, a tankless water heater, or even a recycling service, be sure to mention your home’s energy efficiency! Energy improvements like these will help new owners develop a more “green” lifestyle that will both help the environment AND reduce monthly bills. Even simple things like high-quality insulation and weather stripping can go a long way to save energy.

Storage space
Even though you may feel limited in your storage space because you’ve maxed out your current home, it’s definitely worth mentioning to buyers! Don’t leave out descriptions of closets, cabinets, organizational systems, or your attic or basement.

Your potential buyers definitely know where your house is located…but do they have core knowledge about the area? Don’t forget to mention views, neighborhood information, hidden gems, and easy access to any nearby attractions, shopping centers, etc.

“This could be YOUR new house.”
When selling your home, it’s important that you let the buyers picture it as their new home. Don’t focus too much on how you’ve made your house your own. Save the personal stories and talk to them about their potential new life in the house.