6 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

We all know summer is a popular time to buy or sell a home…in fact, statistics prove that at least 50% of home sales are made May-August! Homes sell quickly in these months for several reasons…families often move in the summer due to school release; buyers often have more time to look for new real estate; plus, new homes always look more appealing in full bloom. This is great news if you’re in the process of selling your home on the San Antonio real estate market…but with so many homes for sale, what makes your home stand out among the rest? Keep reading to find out how a few seemingly small changes can make a huge difference for your home sale.

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1.Control the environment.

When buyers walk into your home, they immediately make an subconscious assessment of your home simply based on the question “Am I comfortable?” In the San Antonio heat, this means investing in some serious air conditioning. Even if you usually like to save on your electric bill, you’ll want to make sure your home is anything but sweaty for potential buyers. Besides keeping tabs on your home’s temperature, infuse the rooms with fresh scents! Whether you opt for a linen-scented candle or a floral wall plug-in, a summer scent will make a surprising difference to potential buyers….especially in lieu of sweaty shoes and lawn clippings.

2.Take advantage of your vacation.

Summer is prime family vacation time. If you’re selling your home, chances are you have people coming in and out of your home quite a lot. Do your REALTOR® a favor and go on vacation at a strategic time in the summer! You can prep your home to perfection, leave your REALTOR® with the keys, and not worry about constantly keeping the house in “showing shape.” It might also be a good idea to let your REALTOR® host several open houses in that span of time. This takes the stress of of you…especially because summer often can be a difficult time to keep a routine cleaning schedule.

3.Play up all outdoor features.

Selling your home in the summer means more than just selling an indoor floor plan…it means selling the total package. Curb appeal becomes more important (and easier!) than ever when flowers are in full bloom and the grass is bright green. The early summer rain this year means that San Antonio is vibrant with color…use this to your advantage! Clean up your yard, plant a few flowers, and keep your grass well-trimmed and free of weeds. It’s also a great time to freshen up outdoor paint and decor. When potential buyers are touring your home, you want them to be able to picture themselves playing with kids in the backyard, swimming in the pool, and entertaining guests on the back patio. If you do have a pool, keep it clean and well-maintained. Pools are a huge draw for buyers when it’s hot outside…don’t waste a great opportunity to add instant appeal to your home sale!

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4.Host a killer open house event.

Often, summer is a time when families and couples feel more spontaneous and willing to break out of routine. Because kids are out of school, families are going on vacation, and the weather is so nice, hosting a really great open house is the perfect chance to get all kinds of people through the door. You’ll draw in out-of-town buyers, families who are curious about upgrading or downsizing, and more. Because daylight hours are longer in summer, think about hosting it later in the evening. This way, people who work during the day still have the chance to attend, and you end up creating a backyard-summer-barbecue feel. Serving snacks and drinks will make potential buyers feel comfortable and leave feeling happy and content…two things you’d love to have associated with your home!


Once again, the environment and overall feel of your home is extremely important when putting your home on the market. The “fresh” atmosphere of summer is complemented well by clean colors and lines, as well as a minimalist approach to clutter. Remove heavy drapes from windows, letting lots of natural light in. Put away some of your excess knick-knacks and decorations. Depersonalizing your space allows others to envision themselves in the home! Less furniture and decor also adds to that same idea that it would be easy to make your house into their home. Combine this fresh feel with the cool temperatures and fresh smells we talked about earlier, and your home will be summer-ready!

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6.Keep the time of summer in mind.

When looking at an offer, be sure to keep the summer cycle in mind. If it’s early in the summer (May-June), more buyers are carefully patrolling the market. The folks strolling through your house might feel like they have a lot of other options. However, if you’re receiving an offer in July-August, homes are disappearing, and your potential buyers may be feeling the pressure to choose a home quickly…especially if they want to get their kids enrolled in a specific school district. Obviously, every situation is unique and different, but it helps to remember the mindset of your buyers as they look into making an offer.

This summer buying and selling season has already been incredibly successful in the San Antonio real estate market…keep the great sales going with these quick and easy tips to a successful summer home sale. Don’t forget to consult your REALTOR® for more advice and help as you go through this process!